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Multi-turn actuators auma

Modern multi-turn actuators, which are produced by the company AUMA allow you to transmit torque to the valve and at the same time the devices are able to withstand axial load. The developer has been dealing with shut-off valves for several years and you can always purchase a gearbox, a control valve from the company's catalogue. It can be completed with a drive, thereby to increase torque.

As for combinations with electric drives, AUMA gearboxes can be bevel, worm or cylindrical. If it is necessary, the developer will take the individual wishes of the client into account, even if it comes to explosion-proof variations. The reducer for the valve drive differs from competitors in the reliability, ease of installation, and also in a reasonable cost that allows to introduce the device into different manufacturing facilities.

In addition, the products range also contains part-turn gearboxes designed for such locking valves, where it is necessary to carry out a pivoting movement of 90В°. So, if we are talking about a multi-turn electric drive, and you additionally purchase AUMA GS series gearboxes, then you get a part-turn drive in its functionality. The multitasking and versatility allow you to effectively equip the valves and not to worry about production safety.

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