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Our company DALKOS - Spare parts & Equipment  informs you that we are a distributive company trading in spare parts in the Russian market. We would like to point out that the Russian market is one of the most dynamic markets in Europe, and growth of the main activities of our company exceeds the growth of the Russian market in whole. 

In the last years, our company has strengthened its position among the leading Russian exporters that supply a wide range of spare parts and components for different machines. 

Within the working period our company has established a lot of business relationships with the leading Russian companies and industrial enterprises and different suppliers, that offer a wide range of service and goods to industrial companies. Our clients are the companies of various industrial branches, located all over Russia and CIS.

Owing to high quality and reliability, and constant perfection of trading technology, the company has been holding the leading positions in the Russian and CIS markets.

We position ourselves as a sole supplier to our customers in different spare parts. Our main aim is to increase product range and quality of service that we offer to our customers. Our mission is to supply the Russian industry with the best technical solutions and ware parts from leading manufacturers from all over the world. We are working to help our partners to solve their problems and satisfy their needs. For regular customers we apply discount system motivating long-terms cooperation.

DALKOS provides the year guarantee for all kinds of production, consultation of the skilled technical specialists. We take upon ourselves all the requirements to become a connecting-link between a producer of goods and services and its consumer, meeting the wishes of a buyer to bring the quota of payment in advance down to minimum, and the opposite wish of a producer to raise the size of payment in advance to full prepayment.

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