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Individual approach

You get a personal manager who is ready to accompany all your orders, starting with the choice of the most effective solution until its implementation. If you become our client, we are ready to offer you further consultations, offer permanent discounts, to provide the best payment terms for your company and take into account special requirements.

Guaranteed quality

All equipment is supplied directly from the manufacturer, without any middlemen and with all the necessary accompanying documentation. The catalogue presents a wide range of products that meet all the requirements and standards of different industrial segments. Taking into account our rich experience, we are able to identify the original spare part of the equipment quickly or find a high-quality alternative for you.

Reliable logistics

Delivery of your orders is carried out throughout Russia and in foreign countries directly to the warehouse or factory. For this purpose, we use motor transport, railway transport (containers, luggage, gondola cars). If it is urgent, air delivery is organized. Large security and escorts services are responsible for the safety of each order, as well as for satellite monitoring of flights.

Industrial engineering

Dalkos LLC. is a multidisciplinary engineering company founded in 2007. We carry out a full cycle of work at industrial facilities: from technological audit to project development and effective implementation of innovations into production phases. Today we successfully cooperate with Russian enterprises of various industries: mining, chemical, pulp and paper, energy, food and others.

Partnership with many foreign companies allows to supply Russian production with efficient technologies, which include innovative equipment, as well as advanced methods of resource allocation and waste disposal. Dalkos LLC. employs only experienced recruited and full-time specialists who are able to develop optimal engineering solutions that increase the technical and economic indicators of the enterprise.

DALKOS is a company that supplies a wide range of industrial equipment, spare parts, components and consumables to all types of imported equipment.

“DALKOS” is a team of highly qualified professionals that will help you to solve the problem of selecting or searching for “vital” spare parts for your equipment. We are always glad to cooperate with you and try to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

DALKOS is a reliable partner for your business. The main principles of our work are: selection accuracy, high quality of service and exact fulfillment of the obligations.

Our mission is to maintain the performance of Russian enterprises, providing them with all the necessary equipment and components.

Our feature: the ability of prompt delivery of almost any equipment, automatic line units, components and tools from leading foreign manufacturers.







DALKOS partners

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