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Equipment for recyclable materials processing

Every company engaged in the processing of industrial or household waste, needs equipment. Its selection will depend on the chosen specialization. Recycling usually begins at the stage of its collection and sorting.

The question of selective, that is, separate, collection of raw materials is the most important. Special containers are installed. Garbage accumulates in them, divided according to predetermined characteristics. Waste paper should not dampen, so it is folded separately. Similarly, glass, organic waste and plastic are collected in different containers. But after everything is collected, the question of disposal arises.

Equipment for waste paper recycling

If we are talking about paper waste, then the compulsory stage of its processing is pressing. Remember the robot Valley, which constantly pressed garbage and put it in neat blocks. This is one of the tasks that industrial presses perform. Thanks to them, the paper storage area is reduced, and the costs of transporting garbage are significantly reduced.

Compressed and bound waste paper will sooner or later wait for its final processing. Some production lines are similar to woodworking plants. With their help, paper napkins, cardboard, environmental insulation and much more products are produced.

Metal recycling

Recycling includes scrap metal collection. Here, industrial equipment also plays a significant role. Metal is stored and moved with the help of special plants equipped with flat magnets. Metal, like paper, must be sorted before it is melted at a metal-working enterprise.

Separate processing is subject to metal chips, which is quite valuable secondary raw material. Initially, it is ground to a powder with various types of crushers. The next stage is briquetting with the help of powerful modern presses. This process allows you to avoid further strong intoxication during the smelting of metal.

Separators are often used for recycling. They separate the main components from pollution. Although the designs of separators are very different, their principle of operation is based on the work of centrifugal forces. Different weight components are separated in centrifuges and then are removed from the system.

Each type of equipment is selected strictly individually. The company, which purchases it, is counting on the budget, on the volumes of future production and the quality of the processed raw materials. In accordance with the technological process, the specialists will complete their production.

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