ДАЛКОС - поставщик современного промышленного оборудования, запасных частей и инструмента

Today our catalogue contains more than 70000 items of equipment and components.
We are constantly expanding partnerships and increasing the number of brands supplied.


DALKOS pays great attention to complex deliveries of high-tech equipment, as well as to the introduction of innovative technical solutions.

The company "DALKOS" is a reliable and experienced supplier in the market of modern high-quality industrial equipment, automatic line assemblies, spare parts and tools from leading foreign manufacturers.

The range of imported equipment supplied by DALKOS allows to meet customers’ requirements for high-tech testing and measurement equipment, for materials processing and materials handling, for conveyor and transport systems, for air and water preparation and supply, for separate units and parts of production lines, and also for hydraulic equipment, generators, compressors, pumping, pneumatic equipment, electric motors and driving equipment, automation and electronics components, for spare parts, tools and accessories and processed materials.

In addition, a vast experience in the industrial component market allows us to identify quite quickly the spare part you need, as well as promptly offer a counterpart if the required components are no longer available. A well-established logistics system ensures delivery in the shortest possible time.

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The trade partner of the company Bicelli in Russia is DALKOS LLC
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In Russia, the company DALKOS LLC has received the right to sale the products of the company “FD Petrol Group”
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