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Explosion-proof motors and devices for hazardous areas

In some production areas electrical equipment should be used very carefully. The fact is that during the operation of electrical devices there may be a short circuit, power surges. Sometimes the wiring lights up and the insulation or grounding system may fail. Any of these problems lead to dangerous consequences for human health. But in certain situations, emergency conditions of electrical appliances can claim victims and lead to multimillion-dollar losses. In places where explosive gases accumulate, any spark leads to a fire, that´s why explosion-proof equipment is installed there. Its design allows you to prevent a sharp rise of ambient temperature and does not allow the fire to spread.

Fireproof motors

Such equipment is often installed in refineries, mines, in the storages for combustible substances in chemical plants. It is made completely sealed. In addition, explosion-proof engines must be equipped with cooling fans and protected cables. They are grounded by internal or external clips.

Such electric motors are an asynchronous system. They have a short-circuited winding of rods (aluminum or copper), which are inserted into the grooves of the rotor core. Asynchronous motors are installed on devices, which operate in explosion hazardous industrial environments. Explosion-proof pumps are used in the chemical as well as in petrochemical industry.

Explosion Proof Devices

The design of these pumps eliminates the formation of dangerous sparks on its surface and inside the engine itself. Such equipment is produced by highly qualified specialists of certified enterprises. All the equipment is marked, indicating the degree of protection.

In addition to engines, there are other devices that require compliance with safety measures. Lamps and control panels are offered in an explosion-proof version. Various connecting elements, boxes, cabinets with lighting and control systems placed in them are manufactured in such a way as not to pose a danger to production.

Depending on the type of protection, equipment with a protective sheath, a safe electrical circuit, and oil filling may be distinguished. There are other types of protection. Devices of the highest protection rate are marked with the letter "E". There is a kind of devices that must be used in mines. Other equipment can be installed inside and outside enclosed spaces.

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